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Finding the best solutions

Centar broker was founded in 2009 as a small, independent insurance and reinsurance brokerage which today is employing 13 experts. In our work we are trying to be different and to justify the confidence that we have received from notable Croatian companies. This means that while finding the best solutions we have mastered the insurance principles of various business activities which include: insurance of the storage and distribution of natural gas, collection, storage and management of waste, low and high construction, education, health, transportation, security services, aviation, agriculture, fishery… That’s why our team consist of high educated experts, which we specialize according to their preferences for particular activities of business.

At least two employees of Centar Broker are familiar with the client and his insurance coverage at all times. What differentiates us from other broker companies is our principles of doing business, which implies active B2B relationship, relationship with our clients, relationship between insurance companies and clients as well as relationship among our clients. It is our reference list of clients that sometimes drives the development of potential new business relations on the level of client-to-client, client-insurer, and very often it includes marketing and similar cooperation.

Our mission

Nowadays insurance can be acquired in many different ways, however there are good reasons to use an insurance brokers knowledge in order help you to make the best possible and informed decision. Brokers are your personal advisors, which act in the interest of their clients. Their business is to take care that your business, assets and family are well insured. In the case of an accident, the broker will guide you through all the steps of the claim and ensure a prompt and fair settlement with the insurer.

Brokers provide expertise without prejudice and on the base of your needs. Unlike other service providers that are focused on sale, your interests and needs are in the prime focus of the broker.

Key points

Competitive price

Brokers have access to a wider range of the insurers in the country and in the EU, most of which have no business with the general public. Once the broker determines your needs for insurance, he will find the best solution at a competitive price.


Most of the users prefer personal consultation with the broker, at least initially. You can choose the way of communication that best suits your business and lifestyle.


If you need to state a claim, your broker will assist you through the process and he will ensure that you receive a fair and prompt payment. In the event of a dispute, your broker acts as your representative to the insurance company. Experience has shown that brokers knowledge and contacts often can help resolve the dispute.


Brokers are experts in all aspects of insurance. They know how to obtain all the discounts on insurance market that you need. They are experts for risk assessment and know they how to adequately protect your assets and your business. Their professional development and education is an ongoing process.


Insurance brokers operate according to the principle of good faith. Your broker works for your interests, regardless of the interest of the insurers with whom they cooperate. Doing business with a broker means that you can act with confidence, knowing that the recommended insurance contract best suits your personal needs. Broker’s advices are independent from the insurance companies, therefore our recommendations are always in your best interest.


A broker doesn’t charge you for his services, instead he is paid by a commission from the insurance company. Hence, there is no financial incentive to choose a party. Broker quite openly communicate their transactions to the clients.

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